Building Department

Welcome to the City of Greenville Department of Community Development and Planning. It is this department’s responsibility to assist and serve the citizens and developers with the land development process in order to ensure quality development for the City of Greenville.

Our department also oversees nuisance properties, such as unsafe housing and overgrown lots. 


  • Conducts inspections of residential and commercial buildings
  • Issues all permits related to new construction, additions, renovations, roofs, signs,             plumbing, mechanical, electrical, HVAC, roofs, pools, etc.
  • Issues citations for overgrown lots.
  • Condemns unsafe buildings. 

The City of Greenville, Alabama adheres to the current state of Alabama building codes:

State Building Code

The 2021 International Building Code was adopted on July 1, 2022 as the State Building Code and is enforced by the City of Greenville Building Official.

Applications, Ordinances, & More