City Clerk's Office

Administrative Department

The City Clerk-Treasurer is the custodian of public records for the City of Greenville, which includes all minutes, resolutions, ordinances, contracts and codes. This office is responsible for the receipt, distribution and expenditures of all City funds, such as revenue from Business Licenses, Building Permits, and all taxes. The City Clerk is required to attend all City Council Meetings. The City Clerk’s office is also responsible for preparing the City Council Meeting Agendas and Minutes of the Council Meetings. The City Clerk is the City’s Chief Election Official and is responsible for the administration of Municipal Elections.  Dee has been with the City Clerk's Office since 1999 and has served as Accounts Payable Clerk, Financial/Grant Administrative Assistant, Certified Revenue Officer and was appointed City Clerk-Treasurer in November 2016.

The Finance & Accounting division strives to maintain and provide quality financial services to all of its customers and citizens. It is responsible for administering the City's revenue ordinances and finance-related laws, regulations and contracts. Projecting and monitoring of revenues and expenditures, managing the City's debt, and planning for the short and long-term financial needs of the City are functions of the Finance and Accounting division.

This section maintains all accounting and financial records of the City and provides accurate and timely information concerning the City's financial condition, stability, liquidity and growth. Financial Statements, Annual Budgets and Appropriations, Grants, Capital Improvement Projects, Purchase Orders, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Fixed Asset Management are some of the many records maintained and operations performed by the Finance & Accounting division.

The Finance & Accounting Section also provides administrative and financial services to the Mayor and City Council and to other municipal departments and the general public as needed.

The City Clerk's Office houses the operations of the Administrative Department, which consists of:

Records Maintenance

This department operates under the supervision of the City Clerk / Treasurer and handles the majority of the administrative duties for the City of Greenville. The City Clerk / Treasurer maintains the official records of the City, including:

Other Responsibilities & Records Maintenance

This Department also conducts elections. The Finance and Accounting portion of the Administrative Department maintains accounting and finance records of the City of Greenville. These records include:

  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Annual Budgets and Appropriations
  • Financial Statements
  • Fixed Assets
  • Grant Projects
  • Purchase Orders

Administrative Fees - City Clerk's Office

Adopted by Resolution 2023-34

Fee DescriptionCurrent Fee
Council District Maps$25 each
Zoning Maps$30 each
Zoning Books$25 each
Xerox Copies$2 per page
Research Fee$10 per hour
Research Copying Fee - 25 pages$1 per page up to 25 pages
Research Copying Fee - over 25 pagesFlat rate determined by City Clerk
Return Check Fee$35 per check

Cigarette Stamp Shipping Fee

$10.00 flat rate – no limit on # of boxes *