Residential Garbage Service

The City will provide to each residence a roll-out container and those persons occupying the residence are responsible for cleaning the container.

Garbage Pickup

In order for solid waste to be collected by the Department, the roll out container must be placed at the curbside, or other pick-up point agreed to by the Department no sooner than eighteen hours prior to the scheduled time of pick-up and removed no later than 7 a.m. on the day following the day of pick-up. The City will be responsible for repair or replacement of roll-out containers damaged or stolen through no fault of the occupants of the residence.

Garbage pick up is once a week. Call the Department at 334-382- 8271 to find out which day is your pickup day.

Trash Pickup for Persons with a Disability

Upon written proof of disability from a medical doctor to the effect that because of health, age, disability or other reason, if no occupant of the residence is physically able to place the roll-out container or mini-can at curbside, the Department will collect such solid waste from roll-out containers or mini-cans placed near the back or other suitable entrance of such residence at a specific place acceptable to the Department. Department personnel are not allowed to enter residences or buildings for the purpose of the collection of solid waste. A special exception shall be granted to disabled and/or handicapped individuals who submit a doctor’s verification of the disability. Forms for this verification shall be provided by the City.