Magnolia Cemetery

Magnolia Monument

The City of Greenville’s Horticulture Department oversees and maintains Magnolia Cemetery.  Magnolia has significant historical value and we encourage the public to visit and enjoy the serene beauty of the cemetery.  Hours of operation are sunrise to sunset.

Magnolia Cemetery records may be viewed at City Hall, 119 East Commerce Street, Greenville, AL 36037. Telephone: 334-382-2647

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Magnolia Cemetery is a perpetual care cemetery.  Anyone wishing to make a contribution in memory of or in honor of their family or loved one may send a memorial to Magnolia Cemetery c/o City of Greenville, P.O. Box 158, Greenville, AL 36037. 

Your contributions are welcome and will be gratefully acknowledged. For more information, contact the City Clerk’s office at 334.382.2647. 


  • Two sets of ashes may be buried in one 5’x10’, 4’x10’ or 4’x5’ burial space. Cremains must be interred 8 inches deep in an outer sealed container.
  • One casket and one cremation may be buried in one 5’x10’ or 4’x10’burial space.  Two infants may be buried in one 5’x10’ or 4’x10’ space. 
  • One upright marker and/or one foot marker or two foot markers may be placed on a 5’x10’, 4’x10’ or 4’x5’ burial space where multiple burials are interred.
  • Vaults are required for traditional burials, tops must be a minimum of 8” below established grade .
  • Curbs, copings, walls, hedging borders, fences or enclosures of any kind are not allowed on lots in the West End, 76’, 92’, Southern Addition and the 2017 Additions.
  • Lot corner markers are allowed, but shall not exceed ten inches in diameter and must be level with the surface of the ground.  METAL LOT MARKERS  ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BE MOVED in the 2017 Addition.
  • A concrete slab of a minimum width of 2” must be placed around the base of any memorial.  Top of slab will be level with the established grade. 
  • No slabs of any kind may be placed on top of graves in the 2017 Addition.
  • Grave mounds are not allowed and no lot will be raised above established grade.
  • One week after funeral, cemetery crew will remove flowers.  Floral       arrangements are  removed when they become unsightly.
  • No trees, shrubs, flowers or any permanent planting are permitted on lots in the cemetery.
  • Urns, boxes , toys, trinkets, ornamental figurines, breakable objects and  similar objects are not permitted on graves.  The City of Greenville does not permit adornments that are inconsistent with the dignity of the cemetery or considered hazardous to cemetery personnel .
  • All excess dirt must be dumped in the designated area located in the south end of the 72’ and 92’ Additions.