It's raining. Are we going to play tonight?

Canceling games is something we don't like to do, so we wait until all doubt is removed before making that call. When a decision is made, we will post that information on our GPRD facebook and our alerts. Sign up here:

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1. What is GPRD?
2. How can I reach you?
3. What is GPRD office hours?
4. Are you affiliated with any outside organizations?
5. How old does my child have to be to participate?
6. Where do you play?
7. When I register my child, what information will I need?
8. What if I don't have insurance?
9. What is the registration fee?
10. What does the registration fee provide?
11. It's raining. Are we going to play tonight?
12. When I get my schedule, is it set in stone?