Sanitation Fees

Garbage Service Fees

Service Fee
Careless Destruction of Garbage Can
$150 (each can)
Garbage Can Steam Cleaning Fee
$20 (each can)
Large Green Can (90 Gallon)
$24 (each)
Re-Can Fee for Delinquent Accounts
$30 (each can)
Small Can (30 Gallon)
$12 (each)
Special Event Garbage Pickup
$20 per can for 5 cans
$10 per can for over 5 cans

Miscellaneous Fees

Service Fee
Demolition of Building or Structure
Determined by Public Works & City Inspector
Weed and Debris Removal Labor
$150 for first hour
$100 for each additional hour
Hauling Fees $100 for first load, $75 for each additional load