Street Department

Duties & Responsibilities

The duties of the Street Department encompass a wide variety of jobs that aim to maintain streets to good driving conditions:

  • Cleaning catch basins and repairing erosion along the stormwater system
  • Clearing debris from stormwater systems to allow the free flow of storm waterStorm Drain
  • Laying of pipe and roadside ditches
  • Maintain traffic signals
  • Maintain/replace stop signs, street name signs, speed limit signs, directional signs
  • Maintaining concrete ditches, drain inlets in the streets and on drainage easements
  • Removal of unsafe trees on right-of-way
  • Repair sidewalks, driveways and curb and gutter lines that are damaged
  • Repairing potholes, overlaying streets, striping, and milling of streets as necessary
  • Repairing washouts
  • Respond to hazardous spills when called by the Police or Fire Department
  • Sweeping the streets on a rotating basis and before and after any special events like the Christmas Parade